Welcome on My Tool Storage Solution, create your own foam tray perfectly fitted to yourFACOM® tools.

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Tutoriel - MyToolStorageSolution

  • 01Select a storage solution and a model, then name your project img1
  • 02Choose the tray you want to configure as well as its dimension (i.e. size of the foam tray, 1/4 of the total width on the drawer) img2
  • 03Import and place your tools on the tray thanks to the modifier tools (rotation, symetry, duplication...). img3
  • 04Once your project is done, click on 'Finalise' to get to the validation step. img4
  • 05Your finalised project is displayed in the tab "1. your projects", click on "request validation" to check with our experts if your project can be manufactured. img5
  • 06The request for validation is processed within 48 h. (business hours). You're informed by email with the status of your order. img6
  • 07Once validated, you can generate a quote with the complete description of your project. Then go to your prefered distributor to place your order. img7

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